School Advisory Board (SAB)

The Holy Trinity School Advisory Board (SAB) is comprised of parents, alumni, parishioners and community leaders.

The SAB provides strategic advice and assistance to Holy Trinity School’s pastor-principal leadership team in the governance of the school and the delivery of the school’s mission.  The SAB fulfills its purpose and exercises its function in accord with the mission and goals of the parish and Society of Jesus, and the goals, policies and regulations of the Archdioceses of Washington.

The membership of the Board consists of the Pastor, Principal and a minimum of 11 voting members, who shall include:

  • Officers of the Board
  • The School Finance Committee chair
  • Liaisons to Parish Committees, including but not limited to: Communications Committee, Stewardship and Development Committee, and Facilities Committee
  • No less than 4 advisors that represent key parish constituencies
  • The HSA President

Members of the SAB are recommended by the Nominations Committee of the SAB, selected by the principal and approved by the pastor.  Members serve a term of three years and may serve up to two consecutive terms.  New SAB members are appointed each spring.

SAB Nominations Flyer (2014-2015)
Updated March 18, 2014


SAB Members for the 2013-2014 School Year

President:  Chris Lyons

Vice President:  Sasha Drobnick

Communications Officer:  Amy Reischauer

Immediate Past-President:  Sarah Oetgen

Principal:  Charlie Hennessy

Pastor:  Fr. Mark Horak, S.J.

John Bradshaw Facilities Committee Liaison
John Byrnes Budget & Finance Committee Chair
Macaire Carroll-Gavula HSA President 2013-2014
Michael Guerra Advisor
Sr. Mary Berchmans Hannan, VHM Advisor
Charlie Hennessy Curriculum and Standards Committee Chair
Ellen Kentz Advisor
Rev. Joseph Lingan, S.J. Advisor
Sarah Oetgen Nominations Committee Chair
Barbara Patocka Parish Finance Council Representative
Janet Stone Communications & Marketing Committee Liaison
Bill Whitaker Advisor
Desiree Reif Development Committee Liaison
Steve Piron Parish Council Liaison














To contact a member of the School Advisory Board (SAB), or to inquire about the nominations process, please send an email to or contact the school office.


Updated:  March 18, 2014